Strengthening Serbian national capacities and inter-sectorial synergies for safe management of contaminated sites and related hazardous substances to prevent negative impact on human health and the environment

Implementation period: from 18 May 2018 until 31 December 2018

Source of funding: UN Environment Programme’s Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) Quick Start Programme (QSP) Trust Fund

Implementation arrangements: The project was coordinated by Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and executed with support of WHO Regional Office for Europe and WHO Country Office in Serbia. The Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut” (IPHS) was leading implementing institution, whereas other implementing partners included Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor.

In the frame of the project the national framework for sound management of contaminated sites to eliminate/minimize and prevent risks for human health and environment was developed based on multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholders approach to improve the health of the population in the Republic of Serbia by preventing negative impacts of contaminated sites and related hazardous substances on health, which was piloted in Bor.

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